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8/1/2017 9:56:00 AM
Pastor Bill
Time to Dive In

Has anyone noticed how hot it’s been lately?  June wasn’t too bad and July was kind of wet and hot and sticky.  But lately it has been brutal and August isn’t promising any changes.  We can expect more heat, more triple-digit days, more humidity.  I can hardly wait!

The heat has taken its toll this summer, not only on the tomato plants and the shriveled roses, but also on us!  In my neighborhood, the park is usually filled with kids zooming down the sidewalks on their bikes and adults are out running or sharing the news of the day.  But these days, our neighborhood looks like beautiful downtown Dry Gulch, Arizona.  The streets are abandoned, the grass is browning, and all that is heard is the hum of countless air conditioners as everyone tries to keep cool.

Even the church has been relatively quiet these past few months.  Sure the School Supply Project and the ARK summer camps have some people buzzing around, but as the mercury has risen and people have sought to find some respite, as vacations and trips to the lake have increased, our Sunday gatherings have seemingly dwindled.  This summer has been one for taking a break.

“Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while.”  These are the words the Jesus speaks to his disciples in the sixth chapter of Mark.  He is inviting them to escape the heat of their ministry.  They have been pursued by miracle seekers, those eager to hear Jesus message of forgiveness and eternal life, and those that were merely curious about this prophet from Nazareth.  Now it was time to takes a step away, as Jesus himself often did, to get some much needed rest and refreshment.

The rest of the story, however, is that Jesus and the disciples immediately dove right back in, immersing themselves into the ministry to which they had been called.  Their time away was used to reinvigorate themselves for ministry, to rest up for the task ahead.

As we move into August, we begin to look ahead toward our fall and winter programs.  Many of you will be approached to take on the leadership and the day-to-day tasks of ministry in this place we call Resurrection.  I want to encourage you to dive right back in.  After a hot summer and the quiet rest we have experienced, let’s takes on the tasks at hand with joyful and rejuvenated hearts.  Let’s redouble our efforts in ministry and recommit ourselves to study and worship.  Let’s refill the church’s neighborhood, if you will, with a people ready for ministry.

Cooler days are coming (although they will be long after August) and now is the time to prepare.  Enjoy another bit of respite, but prepare yourself to dive into the ministry that lies ahead!

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