Midweek Lenten Services -- Wednesday Nights at 7:00 pm

We will gather in the Chapel each Wednesday evening during Lent to celebrate our life together in prayer and reflection. This year we will return to the beloved setting of Holden Evening Prayer.  Each week we will also delve into a particular Lenten hymn.  Chosen for their depth of thought  and clear description of Lenten themes, these five hymns may be new to us.  We will take a look at their poetry, their origin stories and their Biblical roots as we seek to make them more familiar to our congregation.  

Here are the hymns and texts for each of our five services:



Hymnal & Page






March 1

As Your Spirit in the Desert

ACS 923

Matthew 4:1-11

Exodus 13:17-22





March 8

There in God’s Garden

ELW 342

Genesis 2:15-17

Rev. 22:1-3

Acts 10:37-41





March 15

A Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth

ELW 340

John 1:29-31

Isaiah 53:4-7





March 22

Ah, Holy Jesus

ELW 349

John 1:10-11

Isaiah 53:3-6





March 29

Sing, My Tongue

ELW 356

1Cor 1:18-25