Adult Sunday School

Sunday morning Christian education doesn't stop when your graduate from high school.  It's a life-long process.  Here are a few of the options you may enjoy as an adult during the Sunday School hour.

  • Making God Manifest

    Carol Leber will be blessing us this Epiphany with her amazing gift of making scripture relevant to our daily lives. She will be on Zoom from her home in Minnesota and we will be in the library or on Zoom together enjoying Carol's offering. Join us at 11:15 a.m. on Sunday, January 30.

    Celebration of the season of Epiphany traditionally focuses on how Jesus was ‘made manifest’ to the world. But I would like to ask a slightly different question. For Christians, Jesus is the definitive revelation of God, thus, the question I would like to address is:

    How is God made manifest in Jesus?

    We begin not with the day of Epiphany itself (January 6), but with the observance of a Lesser Festival that falls between Christmas and Epiphany – ‘The Name of Jesus’, celebrated on January 1st. We will ask:

    How does the name of Jesus, and the titles we give him, reveal our experience of God? 

    What do they say about the God made manifest in Jesus?

    1/9-Name of Jesus


    1/23-Water to Wine


    Course Outline

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    Join the Zoom HERE.

  • This One Time 

    On Sundays, February 6 and 20 at 11:15 in room 7, Adrienne Poppe will share stories in her fascinating life story entitled This One Time. Adrienne shares about her life growing up in isolation and, consequently, the decisions that can come from being young and vulnerable. Adrienne will share her stories and invite others to share pivotal decisions that caused them great pain and great joy. 

    In the spiritual journey we call life, there are many twists and turns. In This One Time...Adrienne Poppe shares gems from her treasure chest of life stories, both the good times and the challenges. You’ll laugh and cry as Adrienne’s story unfolds, starting from a lonely childhood, surviving paralytic polio, to her years in a religious cult and being a teen mother in an arranged marriage. Later she travels through years of struggle as a broken-hearted divorced mother without custody, before eventually finding her way to becoming a happy, loving wife with a wide circle of friends, and mother to a large blended family. Adrienne’s remarkable story shows us what is possible when we follow our hearts and stay true to our dreams.

    Reading or buying the book is not an obligation for attendance.  If you would like to purchase a copy, click HERE

    Contact Adrienne HERE.

  • the life of Joan of Arc

    Sunday, February 13 and 27 join Kris Wine to learn more about the female hero Joan of Arc.

    Join us to study the life of Joan of Arc. She was a heroine of France but was burned at the stake at the age of 19. We will study the deep and unshakeable faith that were responsible for her rise, and ultimately, her death. 

    Contact Kris Wine HERE.
  • Lectionary Study

    Bruce Fisher leads a discussion of the lectionary (readings) for each Sunday.  Our congregation follows the Revised Common Lectionary that we share with many mainline protestant denominations.  This class is temporarily on hiatus. 

    Contact Bruce Fisher  

  • Parenting 101

    This monthly class is designed for young parents who have questions about a variety of  parenting topics such as tantrums, cognitive development, sleep, social media, etc.  This class is temporarily on hiatus.

    Contact Betsy Boyd

  • Contemporary Topics

    This short term class meets for a few weeks at a time and looks at a variety of subjects.  Check back here to find out what we are studying next.