Adult Sunday School

Sunday morning Christian education doesn't stop when your graduate from high school.  It's a life-long process.  Here are a few of the options you may enjoy as an adult during the Sunday School hour.

  • The Seven Days of Creation

    Each Sunday beginning January 3rd, we will discuss one day of creation from Genesis chapter 1. We will see what the Church Fathers, great Rabbis, philosophers, poets, and modern commentators had to say about each day. These smart people don’t always agree. In fact they often disagreed. For example, we will discuss what God did before He created the world, the ten things created on Day 1, how long the days were, when time started, where the light came from, and many other puzzling topics. You’ll never read Genesis One the same way again!

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    Click Here for a Class Outline #1

    Click Here for Day 1 Outline (#2)

    Click Here for Outline #3

    Join the class on Sunday Mornings at 9:00 am HERE.

  • The Living Room Group

    This informal group of folks meets in the "Living Room" just off the Narthex each Sunday morning.  People are free to come and go, raise a topic or join in on one in progress.  It's a great way to get to know people in the congregation.  All are welcome!  We meet every Sunday Morning at 11:00 on Zoom.  Join us HERE.

  • God Is not one

    In the Book God is Not One we have been learning how different religions identify and address the human condition. Our last three religions are as follows; Confucianism, Daoism, and Judaism. This week at 9:00 a.m. we will meet through zoom to discuss and learn how Confucianism has addressed humanity and social issues. Brian Boyd will lead these final three lessons and if you would like to receive an outline please email him.

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    Join the class on Sunday Mornings at 9:00 am HERE.

  • Lectionary Study

    Bruce Fisher leads a discussion of the lectionary (readings) for each Sunday.  Our congregation follows the Revised Common Lectionary that we share with many mainline protestant denominations.  This class is temporarily on hiatus. 

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  • Parenting 101

    This monthly class is designed for young parents who have questions about a variety of  parenting topics such as tantrums, cognitive development, sleep, social media, etc.  This class is temporarily on hiatus.

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  • Contemporary Topics

    This short term class meets for a few weeks at a time and looks at a variety of subjects.  Check back here to find out what we are studying next.