Our Services

Worship is the most important activity at Resurrection Lutheran Church. As the central element to everything we do, the worship of God is the event where the people offer themselves to God through scripture lessons, singing, prayer, and sermons. We observe the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America lectionary schedule. We incorporate many forms of music in our worship, from 17th century hymns to spirituals, to contemporary forms.

Our worship times are:

• 8:30 am -- Classic Worship

• 11:00 am -- New Spirit Worship

The 8:30 service is Classic in style. It follows the full liturgy as outlined in our Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymnal. Led by our newly installed pipe organ, this service offers all of the traditional trappings of Lutheran worship.

The second service each Sunday is done in our “New Spirit” worship style. It is a full liturgical service, with all the lessons and prayers, a sermon, and communion each week, but it is presented in a less formal style, without robes or classic hymnody. The music is led by an ensemble of singers, with piano, guitar, drums and bass. The music is full and rich, not mere repetitious verses or empty platitudes. This is a Lutheran service at its core, with a “re-formed” style.

Communion is celebrated at each worship service because we acknowledge our need for the outward signs of spiritual feeding and the sense of community it brings. No familiarity with the Lutheran hymnals is required because almost all of the service is printed in the bulletins distributed by the ushers and available HERE.

During this COVID-19 Pandemic, our regular worship experiences are being replaced by

Online Worship

at 10:00 am

Sunday Mornings

on our YouTube channel.

Click HERE.