At Resurrection Lutheran Church

We Believe:

It is the Purpose of Resurrection Lutheran Church to unite as many persons as will share its confession of faith in a fellowship of Worship, Learning, Witnessing and service that the word of God in Jesus Christ may become effective in their lives together and individually.

In order to develop the individual ministries we must remain flexible and open to meet the changing needs of The Church, The Community, and The World.

It is our goal to engage the talents of all persons and involve them in the life and mission of the Church.

We Promise:

In uniting with Resurrection Lutheran Church faithful support and active participation to ensure and further the goals of this congregation that we may express through our Church and our life the love and faith of Jesus Christ.

Our Purpose:

Celebrating the Risen Christ through Acts of Love, Care, and Justice.

Guiding Principles:

  • Worship -- Praise our Lord together through Prayer, Word and Sacraments
  • Learn -- Nurture each other in our Faith Journey
  • Serve -- Actively Care for our Neighbors
  • Witness -- Welcome Everyone as a Part of God's Family
  • Support -- Share the Gifts God Gives us