• Ministries

    At Resurrection Lutheran Church we have over ninety active ministries, committees, and groups that serve the needs of our members and the community. The Ministries List linked below lists a contact person for each ministry, committee or group and that group's council liaison. For further information about any of these ministries please consult our Members Directory for the group leader's contact information or contact us at office@rlcplano.org.

    Click here for a list of Active Ministries at Resurrection Lutheran Church.

  • Sanctuary Denomination

    At its triennial convention in 2019, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America declared itself a "Sanctuary Denomination."  The meaning of that term was not fully defined at the convention and the body called upon the Churchwide Council to bring back a definition and implications to its 2022 meeting. 


    Click HERE to visit the ELCA website's pages on Sanctuary Denomination.


    The Mug and Hug project is a ministry that welcomes new visitors to Resurrection with a coffee mug filled with "Hugs" candies. A representative of the church will strive to deliver a mug to a first time visitor's home within 48 hours of that person's visit. The gesture is designed only to express our appreciation of a person's visit and to present a welcoming face. It is not our intention to pursue in depth conversations during this initial visit.

    Visitor identification cards have been printed and are located in the pews and at the Welcome Center. The mugs have arrived and are ready for delivery as the need arises. If you would like to participate in the delivery process please e-mail Cathie Irons.