Share the Care

Share the Care is the umbrella term first coined in 2011 to cover each of our caring ministries at RLC, especially recognizing that some of our members have emergency, short-term financial needs. In the past eleven years, Share the Care has provided monetary help for bills, groceries, storm damage, medical and moving expenses.

Emergency Finincial Needs

General guidelines for a Share the Care monetary request include once a year help, a cap of $500, and bill payment to be mailed directly to the company owed, along with a copy of the bill. And, very important, all requests are kept confidential. This program is funded by donations and part of the proceeds from the annual Chili Cook-off & Quilt Bingo event in January.

Transportation Team

Another active ministry of Share the Care is the transportation team. This is an active group of members who volunteer to provide transportation to members who need rides, primarily to medical appointments and to church. Every time a request for transportation occurs, someone – or two – meets that request. Rarely has a request not been met.

Other Ministries

  • Volunteers who will give assistance in shopping, laundry, and house and lawn maintenance due to hospitalization or serious illness. 
  • Prayer quilt ministry: quilts made by the Cover Girls are tied as prayers are offered. These quilts are then given to members with serious illnesses. 
  • Stephen Ministry supports members through confidential listening and “being there” when a member is going through a difficult time.

Members with a need or who know a need of another member may make referrals to Barbara Klier or Judy Severance. Names referred will be kept confidential. Share the Care welcomes additional volunteers for any of the caring ministries or teams.

Share the Care is a “pay it forward” ministry. The members receiving help from Share the Care have shared care with others and continue to do so as they are able. None of us know when we may need to ask for help. The members of RLC form a family group, and families take care of each other and, most importantly, Jesus has called us to help and encourage one another.