Landscaping Plans

Beautification With Stewardship in Mind


A team has been working with Dean Burton from Blue Fox Outdoor Living to develop a plan to revitalize our campus grounds with low-maintenance, drought-tolerant, pollinator-friendly landscaping.  These services have been paid with donations by members interested in transforming our tired landscaping with a more visually appealing look that encourages conservation and habitat for pollinators.  There has been a positive response from other members of our congregation so we are entering the fundraising phase in earnest to begin planting this spring and looking good for our 50th anniversary in September.


The landscaping plans and plant recommendations are on display in the Narthex.  The team recommends that the project begin with the transformation of three areas all on the south side of the building.  These spaces were chosen because they are most visible to people who will be using and visiting our building.

  • Triangular area in the northeast corner of the parking lot where our monument sign is located.  Most of this would be ground cover with plants along the building and a mulched pathway that can be used as a short-cut for pedestrians.
  • Small garden area on the right side of the main entry would develop into a butterfly garden.
  • Area in the northwest corner of the parking lot to the left of the main entry.  This landscaping would be similar to the triangular area.


Implementing this plan will NOT come from our budget, rather donations are requested to cover the estimated cost of $13,500 for this initial endeavor.  If you want to support our landscaping transformation, please donate here or indicate on checks or offering envelopes that donations are for the landscaping project.


After these initial plantings have been installed and established, we will analyze the impact and interest in going forward with additional plantings and fundraising.


Questions or comments about our landscaping can be directed to the team:  Sylvia Meyer, Sallie Diamond, Katherine Bandy, or Diana Frank.