Your Tithe

Have you ever thought about how much you need to give to maintain the ministry at Resurrection Lutheran?

For the 2024 fiscal year, the congregation approved a budget of $589,607.00. That's a lot of money! But the ministry it buys is pretty bare-boned for a congregation of our size. That money is used for the salaries of our professional staff; for the programs and materials that we use each and every week; for the upkeep of the building and the utilities we consume; and for the support of the wider church and the various other ministries we support like Mosaic and Briarwood.

Where does this money come from? Well, from you! We all earn a living and choose to give some of it back to God to support His church. But how does it all work?

The average (median) household income in Plano is $105,697.00. Of course, some of us are on fixed incomes, some are younger workers, but many of us exceed this figure as well. So let just use the average.

In our congregation we have 183 "Giving Units." That's just a fancy name for "families."

Using our average income for Plano, that means our families at Resurrection earn about $19.3 Million Dollars each year. If all of them "tithed," that is, gave 10% back to God, the church would have an income of $1.93M! That's more than enough to support our ministry THREE TIMES OVER! If each giving unit gave just 3.1% annually, we would fully fund our budget.

So, how are you doing on your tithe?

If you are under 3%, please consider starting at 3%.

If you are at 3% or greater, please consider a step in faith

by moving up one or more percentage categories.

Calculate your Giving percentage