Register the Grandkids, the children, and the neighbors for a unique experience this summer at Resurrection Lutheran Church.  All children between the ages of 4year - those who have completed Grade 6 will attend Traditional VBS.  

All youth who have completed Grade 6 through Grade 8 will attend RALLY CAMP.  This will include more age appropriate activities and off-site field trips.


Cost:  of VBS/RALLY CAMP is $50.00 for first child, $40 for 2nd child, or 3 kids for $100 total. 

If for any reason the fees keep your child from attending please contact Betsy Boyd at betsy@rlcplano.org or Ann Loeffler at ann@rlcplano.org.  We have scholarships available.  


What we'll learn about the "Bee-conomy"

Bee-Conomy, our summer curriculum, teaches Communication, Cooperation, Collaboration, Compassion and Community. Children will be involved in Creative Engagement through workshops and activities. The Bee-conomy Curriculum empowers young persons in development to become intentional, empathetic, and socially conscious. By blending mindfulness and practices with lesson on self-awareness, and group collaboration, students will encounter concepts that develop essential life skills that support their well-being and positive engagement with their family, school, church, and the environment. Through interactive, engaging activities, students will better understand their surroundings and their responsibility to foster a positive and inclusive community. 

In addition to Bee-Conomy, our volunteers will integrate games, worship, crafts, and projects from an ELCA VBS curriculum to support all that the kids are learning. The curriculum is entitled “Who Is My Neighbor.” We will integrate how to be good stewards of the world and those who are our global brothers and sisters.

Welcome our Guest Leader, Daniel Howell

We have the good fortune of having Daniel Howell of Bee-conomy coming to lead our camp this summer.  Daniel has three boys named Dominique, Darius, and Dorian.  His wife Miguelina is an Episcopal Priest.  They all live together in Hartford, Connecticut. Daniel has created characters and stories to help children learn self-care. Daniel has also worked for the National Offices of the Episcopal Church in the department of Young Peoples Cluster.  Daniel was instrumental in planning the Episcopal Student Gathering. We are excited to welcome him to RLC this summer.