Proposed Columbarium

We have been working with a company called ColumbariumNitches.Com to design a pair of columbaria for our Chapel. The company's main product is postal boxes.  They adapted that technology to hold cremains instead of bills and magazines, and wrapped it in an attractive aluminum and granite cover.  You can explore their products here: Columbarium Niches - Columbaria Cremation Niches


We could have two towers that would fit into the window niches at either side of the organ in the Chapel.  They would be 80'' tall, taking them to the first frame bar from the floor in those windows.  Each would hold about 60 person's cremains in 30 separate compartments.

Other locations are being considered, including the niche outside the "Living Room" area of the Narthex and the hallway between the office and the West Door.

Please read the attached Policy and Pricing sheet for more information.

Next Steps

  1. The Congregation Council has approved a "contingent" policy so that people have something concrete to consider as we ask who might be interested reserving spaces. Grab a copy HERE

  2. There is a "Letter of Intent" for people to sign who would earnestly be interested in purchasing space in the columbaria. That letter is HERE.     

  3. The Council will circulate those Letters of Intent to see what interest and support exists for a columbarium at Resurrection.

  4. There will be an informational forum on April 21st to answer questions and hear feedback from the congregation.

  5. If there is enough support, i.e. there are enough interested parties that the sale of spaces would cover the initial purchase price and the congregation is generally satisfied with the addition of a columbarium, we will place an order and initiate the "contingency" policy.


Here are some additional images to help you in visualizing this proposed installation.